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Science-Backed Reasons Why You Should Eat More Organic Foods

So what’s the deal with organic foods? We know they’re good for us, we know they’re good for the planet and we know they taste a million times better, but what’s the evidence behind the case for organics. At FreshBox, we’re on a mission to make these foods more affordable and more accessible, because they’ve bettered our quality of life many times over.
But in case you’re searching for more than just anecdotal evidence, here are some of the top science-backed reasons why you should start eating organic foods.

Reduce Your Chemical Exposure

Mainstream produce looks perfect when it’s lining the supermarket shelves. But it looks a little too perfect, almost creepily so. And the reason why is quite sinister. Mass-produced crops are sprayed with a wide variety of chemicals, including pesticides to rid the crops of any bugs in the area (which actually contribute to healthier foods) and antibiotics. In fact, when our Freshie Tess worked in an apple orchard one summer on university holidays, all pickers were told they weren’t allowed to come into work for four days after the trees were sprayed, because the chemicals were too toxic! So how is this allowed to be put directly onto the foods we eat? Thankfully, organic food production is restricted from using synthetic pesticides, which leads to low residue levels in foods and lower pesticide exposure for consumers. 

Organic Foods Better Support the Environment

We’re in the midst of a climate crisis, and the agricultural industry has a significant role to play. Between methane emissions of mass-produced dairy and the pollutants of large-scale farming practices, mainstream food producers are doing little to offset their actions. But the organic food industry has a huge role to play in restoring balance. Topsoil is important to consider, as current practices erode more than the earth produces - taking all the rich nutrients with it too. Yet in organic farms, the soil is the foundation of food and it is treated as such. Organic foods also contribute to better water quality, as it is estimated that pesticides pollute the water for nearly half of the country’s population.

Don’t Mess With Nature By Creating GMO Foods

Food that’s made in a lab sounds cool, but really it’s anything but. Research shows that GMO foods can have potentially harmful effects on our health, especially when consumed in excess as they are at present. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, meaning that the food in question has been altered from it’s naturally occurring state for any variety of reasons - that are almost always concerned with profit for the producer (bigger, brighter coloured… the list goes on). These foods are restricted from receiving an organic certification, meaning the food that’s on your plate really did come as nature intended.

Organic Foods Are Proven To Be More Nutrient-Rich

We all know that foods can be the most powerful form of medicine, but the likelihood of it looking after our health is increased tenfold when we are consuming a diet of nutrient-rich foods. In the instance of dairy and meat, these organic options are raised without the addition of hormones or harmful nitrates (and the animals are treated pretty ethically, considering!). When concerned with plant-based foods, there is now sufficient evidence to indicate that these foods (especially when grown in diverse environments) obtain more essential nutrients from the soil, increasing their health-promoting benefits.

Promotes Biodiversity & Reduces Impact of Monocropping

One of the greatest threats to agriculture at present is the use of outdated monocropping practices. This is essentially paddocks and paddocks of the same crop, time and time again. Monocropping is currently one of the biggest threats to the environment, and especially the agricultural industry, as our soil can only stand this kind of treatment for so long. Smaller-scale organic practices have learned to rely on more traditional and permaculture-based approaches to farming, ensuring that our most precious resource, the soil, is kept in good condition for years to come.

Supports Farmers Who Want To Do The Right Thing

Voting with our wallets is one of the most powerful tools we have as consumers. There’s not a lot we can control in the industry (although we should never underestimate the power of using our individual voices) but we decide who we support. Oftentimes organic farmers don’t choose this approach for maximum profit or a swanky label, they do it because they’re passionate and they believe in what they’re doing. We think that’s pretty special.
At FreshBox, we’re proud to offer the region’s finest organic produce to our community. If you’re looking for an easy, delicious way to up your daily dose of organic foods, we’ve got you covered.

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